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INTRODUCING... Hair & Scalp Treatments by The INKEY List

Sarah Lee | 23.07.2020

Since launching our brand 18 months ago, we have always had one clear purpose: to give everyone the knowledge they need to empower themselves to make better decisions for their skin.

By providing high quality ingredients, made simple and affordable, we wanted efficacious skincare to be available and digestible for everyone!

Hair and Scalp care

Now, we know that ingredients are not just powerful for the face but work across the body and on hair and scalp too.

Creating a range of ingredient-led products for hair and scalp felt like a natural step for us.

We want to fuel people’s curiosity in hair and scalp care through better knowledge and better ingredients for people to curate their own personalised hair and scalp treatments, no matter hair type, scalp health or style goals.

We want to help customers enter this awesome category without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or confused, with single ingredient powerful treatments that work on every type of hair and for every budget and enable people to play their way to better hair and scalp health.

When it comes to ingredients, what we have done for this new range, is take famous ingredients or heritage hair ingredient and give them a modern technology twist to meet the dynamic needs of truly everyone’s scalp and every hair type. Formulated for all but best for certain types and conditions!

We hope that we have made the products and packaging super simple for people to find what’s right for them, however, for those who want to learn more about their hair needs start mixing and layering we have a one on one service called #askINKEY where anyone can speak to our team on social, live chat or phone and we can help each person with their individual needs. This service is available across skin, hair and scalp care.

Noticed anything different with our packaging? Aside from looking incredibly fantastic (we know we are a bit biased!), we are very proud to say that we have worked hard to ensure our packaging is fully recyclable* (from the aluminium bottle to pump) which takes us one step closer to being a fully recyclable brand across skin and hair by early next year.

 Talking about noticing differences, you will have probably seen that this new range is made of 8 treatments, none of which are shampoo and conditioners. This has been possibly the number one question we have received so far: why no conditioners or shampoos??

Well, if you look at the hair care market, the majority of products dominating it are shampoo or conditioners, and none of them lead with ingredients. Our heritage is in treatments, in using high concentration, efficacious ingredients in the form of treatments. However, to stay true to our mission as a brand, we want our products to be accessible to all and simple to use, so all our hair treatments can be used as treatments on their own, or mixed with shampoos and conditioners as a booster. This way, if people don’t have time to add another step to their hair and scalp care routine, they can still see the benefits of using our hair treatments.

We want to hear from you

And talking about benefits and ingredients, this is the first of many blog posts, in the next to come, we will delve deeper into the range, the ingredients and their benefits and we will be also talking about hair and scalp misconceptions to help everyone making more informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right ingredient for them.

Let us know what you would like us to discuss next and we will make sure to cover off any topic you would love to hear about – just leave a message below!

Thank you all & enjoy the new Hair & Scalp range!

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