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People are our power. We will always use KNOWLEDGE to empower and uplift our team, our community and our world. At The INKEY List changemakers are created.

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How it works

The INKEY Impact Fund will create 500,000 YOUNG CHANGEMAKERS by 2024.​


Our fund is run with YOUNG PEOPLE for YOUNG PEOPLE.​

The INKEY Impact Fund partners with CHANGEMAKERS in schools, empowering them with KNOWLEDGE to create positive change in the world.​

Supported by ASHOKA, a leading voice in global changemaking in education.


  • Christian

    19yrs, Ashoka Young changemaker, Colorado USA

    “I’m inspired to be a changemaker by people who don’t feel recognized and who feel voiceless. What if we could create a world where everyone felt valued, appreciated, loved, and engaged? I see the potential for that world and that’s what I want to create. I am excited for this partnership because it will be a catalyst that will create a movement of young people around the world.”

  • Jaiden

    19yrs, Ashoka Young co-leader, Manchester UK

    “Knowledge is the provider of hope yet education is in need of change... we must rebuild so that the two can work together to enable young people to fall in love with the power of knowledge and the system of education.”

  • Laura

    Children and Youth Years Manager at Ashoka UK and Ireland

    “I hope that the legacy of the INKEY Impact Fund is a shift in the systems surrounding how young people grow up: a shift in society so that we ensure truly every young person becomes a changemaker.”

  • Olivia

    18yrs, award-winning activist and Youth Change Leader at Ashoka, Manchester UK

    “A change maker is someone who is actively going out in their community to be the change that you want to see in the world.”

  • Nikki

    Country Director of Ashoka UK

    “We must ensure that the systems surrounding young people – and the parents and educators that support young people – prioritize changemaking.”

  • Sophia

    19yrs, Ashoka Young changemaker, Deleware USA

    “Young people are not just the future, we are the present. And it is crucial to center youth voices in everything that we do. I want to live in a world where we truly value the voices of young people. The Inkey List understands and values young people's perspectives and our lived experiences. This is why I believe in the beauty of this partnership.”

  • Tia

    Executive Director of Youth Years US

    “Knowledge is the first step in becoming a changemaker. We must first educate ourselves, think creatively to solve a problem, and then take action. Knowledge powers changemakers!”

  • Vipin

    Senior Director at Ashoka and is the founder of Changemaker Communities

    “Knowledge is like empathy – foundational to changemaking, an entry point to the journey of being a changemaker.”



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