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Acne Analyser

Hyper-personalized skin analysis for breakout-prone skin

Bringing next-generation, Dermatologist-recommended tech direct to your door, the Breakout Analyzer Pro uses AI skin scanners to deliver a complete personalized experience to support your breakout journey. Get personal advice and solutions to understand your skin, target your breakout type and help you on your way to clearer-looking skin.

  • 1 Get a detailed personal skin report in under 3 minutes
  • 2 Experience next-gen AI scanning technology
  • 3 Understand your skin and get personal solutions

How does it work?

Using a proven combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect breakout activity level together with Dermatologist approved skin indicators to help identify your skin type and breakout type, our Breakout Analyzer Pro helps you get to know your skin better and delivers the most personalized routine to target your concerns.