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5 Things You Need To Know Before Using Retinol

20.04.2023 | Skincare

Are you looking to incorporate Retinol into your skincare regimen? Many skin care enthusiasts turn to this powerful ingredient for its anti-aging and acne-fighting properties. However, using Retinol improperly can leave you with more problems than solutions if you don’t know how to use it correctly. To help you get the most out of this incredible ingredient, here are five important things to keep in mind before incorporating Retinol into your routine.


Retinol is a skincare superstar, known for its many benefits that have made it a popular ingredient worldwide, but why? Its anti-aging properties have made it a go-to for individuals seeking to manage the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refine skin texture, and even out their skin tone. Retinol is a form of vitamin A, and while there are many derivatives on the market, Retinol is the purest form. The good news is that there are different percentages of retinols available, so you will be able to find the best one that is suitable for even sensitive skin. When your skin is affected by environmental stressors or shows signs of aging, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, or bumpy texture, retinol steps in to minimize those concerns. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why Retinol is a commonly used ingredient in the skincare products we all love.

WHEN TO START USING IT (Mid 20s - Early 30s)

At or about 25, our skin begins showing the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It's crucial to take care of our skin as early as possible, and the mid-twenties is a great time to start. This GOLD standard ingredient helps stimulate collagen production in the skin, thereby promoting a healthier appearance. If you're just starting out with retinol, it's essential to find a product that suits your needs properly. Our Retinol Serum with a low percentage of .1% is the ideal introductory product for those new to Retinol. It’s a true Retinol for Beginners. It will allow you to ease into the ingredients benefits and enhances your skincare routine in the long term. Don't wait to start taking care of your skin - start incorporating Retinol to prevent (and treat) signs of aging.

For those that are experienced in using Retinol or for those looking to address more challenging, stubborn concerns like scars, marks, and wrinkles, you might benefit from our Scar, Mark, and Wrinkle Solution with 1% Retinol – the highest percentage of retinol without a prescription.


At The INKEY List, we emphasize the importance of introducing Retinol slowly to your routine. By introducing Retinol slowly, you give your skin time to adjust to its powerful effects, helping to reduce the risk of irritation, dryness, and other unwanted side effects. So, take it slow and let your skin ease into this powerful ingredient for optimal results.


Retinol is a popular ingredient in many skincare products, known for its powerful anti-aging properties. But, like any active ingredient, it comes with potential side effects. The most common side effects of Retinol range from dryness to irritation. This can manifest in the form of peeling, redness, and sensitivity. However, it's important to note that these side effects are typically temporary and can be minimized with proper usage. To avoid irritation and dryness, start by following the “how to use” instructions of the product and be sure to patch time prior to your first-time use. Additionally, make sure to moisturize well. By following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of Retinol without any negative side effects.


Retinol and SPF go hand-in-hand. These two dynamic ingredients to help you get the most out of your skincare investments. While retinol products are incredibly effective in treating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration, they can leave your skin sensitive to sun exposure. That's where SPF comes in. Applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 throughout the day ensures that your skin is protected against the harmful effects of sun exposure while keeping the efficacy of your retinol products in check. Remember, using Retinol and SPF together is the key to achieving healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin.

In conclusion, Retinol is a multi-tasking ingredient trusted for over 50 years by doctors and dermatologists. It's capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving uneven texture and skin tone, and can even be used to help address acne. We recommend starting slow and only begin using it when you reach your mid-twenties. With percentages from .1 to 1%, finding Retinol without a prescription is easy. However, don't forget to use SPF when utilizing Retinol in your routine. All in all, Retinol is as an effective powerhouse ingredient that can assist with multiple skincare issues, and you should consider using it to achieve your skincare goals.

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Photo of Written by JZ, INKEY's own Global Director of Education

Written by JZ, INKEY's own Global Director of Education

JZ is passionate for connecting consumers with skincare knowledge. From the moment he attended his first brand training, he knew he wanted to be involved in skincare education, and is now living his professional dream life at The INKEY List.