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Plötzlicher Pickel? Aufkleben und wegräumen – SCHNELL

Unsichtbare Hydrokolloid-Pickelpflaster
Unsichtbare Hydrokolloid-Pickelpflaster €10,00 / 22 Pflaster (zwei Größen)
Unsichtbare Hydrokolloid-Pickelpflaster Duo
Unsichtbare Hydrokolloid-Pickelpflaster Duo €16,00 €20,00 / 2 Packungen (44 Pflaster)

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Willkommen im INKEY Blog. Hier teilen wir unser Wissen über Hautpflege mit Ihnen!

Exfoliation. We’ve all heard of it, in fact we know that 94% of people are already exfoliating, but maybe not for the right reasons, and certainly not with the right products. At INKEY we believe that effective, efficient, chemical exfoliation is missing in most body care routines today.

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With the launch of INKEY Body we’re here to show you that there’s a better way to exfoliate, one that targets and improves multiple body skin concerns and is so easy-to-use, you can add it to your daily body care routine with no extra effort. INKEY SAYS EXFOLIATE!

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